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December 18, 2020 | All Blogs, Ratings, Accolades, & Press | Adelaida Team

Vinous - 2018 Red & 2019 White Vintage Scores

This December we received one of the greatest gifts we could have asked for - our Vinous Scores for the 2018 Red & 2019 White wines. Written by Josh Raynolds, the ratings on our Signature & HMR Series are the highest averaging Adelaida has ever received. We greatly appreciate the public recognition this garners, and know these scores serve as a testament to all of the fantastic work Winemaker Jeremy Weintraub, and our Winemaking Team has put into these vintages.

2018 Anna’s Red Signature, Anna’s Estate Vineyard
93 Points

2018 Cabernet Franc Signature, Viking Estate Vineyard
94 Points

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon Signature, Viking Estate Vineyard
94 Points

2019 Chardonnay, HMR Estate Vineyard
93 Points

2018 Pinot Noir, HMR Estate Vineyard
94 Points

2018 Syrah Signature, Anna’s Estate Vineyard
97 Points

2018 Syrah Signature, Viking Estate Vineyard
95 Points

2018 Twenty Three Twenty Signature, Adelaida Estate Vineyards
96 Points

2018 Mourvèdre Signature, Anna’s Estate Vineyard
94 Points

For those interested in the availability of these wines - both the HMR 2018 Pinot & 2019 Chardonnay are available online now, and the rest of our Signature series will start being released in 2021. And for anyone that subscribes to Vinous, click this link to read the reviews. 


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