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Kasey Martin
October 1, 2016 | Kasey Martin

Recent Acclaim: Vinous

In a recent article from Antonio Galloni - Vinous (September 2016), six Adelaida wines scored 90 points or more. Wines included: Cabernet Sauvignon Signature, Viking Estate Vineyard 2013 (90 points); Mourvedre Signature, Anna's Estate Vineyard 2014 (91 points); Syrah Signature, Anna’s Estate Vineyard 2014 (91 points); Tribe Signature 2013 (92 points); Gamay Noir, HMR Estate Vineyard 2014 (90 points); and Pinot Noir, HMR Estate Vineyard 2014 (90 points).

Article Excerpt: Paso Robles: Taming the Beast by Josh Raynolds

"After extensive construction, work a fancy new tasting room and visitor's center has been completed at this strikingly scenic hilltop site, making Adelaida among the region’s most attractive spots for wine tasting. The quality, consistency, and approachability of the wines has increased since 2012 when winemaker Jeremy Weintraub took the reins." 

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Kasey Martin
September 1, 2016 | Kasey Martin

Recent Acclaim: Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

In the most recent issue of Robert Parker's Wine Advocate (August 2016), seven wines from Adelaida Vineyards & Winery scored 90 points or more. Wines included: Cabernet Sauvignon Signature, Viking Estate Vineyard 2014 (92-94 points); Cabernet Sauvignon, Viking Estate Vineyard 2014 (92-94 points); Syrah Signature, Anna’s Estate Vineyard 2014 (92+ points); Cabernet Sauvignon Signature, Viking Estate Vineyard 2013 (92 points); Tribe Signature 2013 (91 points); and Anna’s White Signature, Anna’s Estate Vineyard 2014 (90 points). 

Article Excerpt: 

"While Paso Robles has been synonymous with the Rhône movement for over a decade now, it is worth noting the quality of the Bordeaux varieties coming from these limestone hills today. I'm increasingly seeing incredible wines based largely on Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and other Bordeaux varieties from Paso Robles. While it may be hard for readers to believe, trust me when I tell you that these top-quality releases are a match for the best wines from California's North Coast. Top estates producing Bordeaux varieties include Adelaida, l'Aventure, Booker, Daou, Denner, Jada, Justin and The Farm Winery. I expect this list to continue to grow."

Adelaida Review: 

"An estate that continues to go from strength to strength is Adelaida Cellars, which is located on the northern side of Paso Robles, just off of Adelaida Road. The wines are made by Jeremy Weintraub, and as I've said in the past, these are classic Paso Robles wines that merit attention."

Full Article Available Here


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Kasey Martin
July 20, 2016 | Kasey Martin

Berry Coloring & Canine Digging vs. Technology

As harvest nears, I got the chance to sit down with winemaker Jeremy Weintraub to find out more about what is currently happening in the vineyard and learn about the uniques ways that he measures water levels in the soil.

Q. What is Veraison and why is it important?
A. Veraison signals the onset of ripening and is when the pigment in the grape changes from green to red or black. The grapes will soften, accumulate sugar, and lose some of their acid.

Q. Has Veraison began in the Adelaida Estate?
A. Historically, we’re still about two weeks away from Veraison; however, we’re beginning to see quite a bit of coloring come up in a few varieties (most notably Pinot Noir).

Q. What are you doing in the vineyard right now?
A. The vineyard crew has been busy tidying up the grapevines and ensuring that the fruit clusters get just the right amount of sunlight to ripen to their full potential, but not too much light or heat that they get sunburned or lose color potential. It is a balancing act.

Q. What Tools are you using to ensure that the vineyard has enough water?
A. Water is vital to all life. For a grapevine, water demands change throughout the season. We monitor plant water use and needs through a combination of our own eyes as well as sensors placed throughout the ranches that record evapotranspiration and soil moisture.

Our third tool is the dog paw—more specifically, the digging action of Oliver our vineyard dog. If we see moist soil six inches below the surface, we know that the vine has plenty of water to draw from. We combine this observation with the soil measurements of our probes. Our vineyard probes measure water up to 48 inches below the surface in four inch increments.

Q. Why is it important to check water levels in the soil?
A. We need to check levels to ensure that each variety is getting what it needs. We want our red grape varieties to experience a moderately high amount of stress leading up to Veraison, which ensures the proper functioning of physiological processes without killing the plant. With white grape varietals, we don’t really want to stress them at all.

Q. How often do you water the vineyard?
A.  We irrigate only when necessary for plant life and quality. Also 33% of our vineyards are not irrigated and rely solely on what Mother Nature provides us during the rainy season so those vineyards are never watered. 

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Kasey Martin
June 21, 2016 | Kasey Martin

Recent Accailm: Highly-Awarded 96pt Rosé


"Stunning from its chalky strawberry brilliance to its prom dress pink hue, the blend of 51% Grenache, 24% Carignan, 14% Cinsault, 5% Mourvèdre, 4% Counoise and 2% Syrah knocked me out when I tasted it at the winery's brand new gorgeous tasting room atop Adelaida Mountain. The lemongrass-peach middle is an unexpected "ooooh" due to a strapping, searing minerality that keeps the mouth awake, but aware of greatness."

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Kasey Martin
April 26, 2016 | Kasey Martin

Adelaida Opens New Tasting Room and Hospitality Center

April 26, 2016 (Paso Robles, CA) – Adelaida Vineyards & Winery opened its new tasting room earlier this month and announced its plans for a Grand Opening Celebration May 6-8. The new facility, designed in a contemporary agrarian style features a sensory room, an extended wine bar, Club 2320 members’ lounge and patio seating all designed to host wine enthusiasts in a comfortable indoor and outdoor environment. The winery invites guests to celebrate the Grand Opening weekend, a milestone for the Paso Robles pioneer and experience Adelaida Cellars continued commitment to crafting world-class wines.

The new 8,200-square-foot hospitality center replaces the 600-square-foot tasting room. The more spacious hospitality center was built from the brand’s continuous growth over the past five years as consumers continue to discover the Paso Robles wine region and Adelaida Cellars. A new commercial kitchen adds additional options to taste Adelaida wines with food, wine pairings and library tasting offerings.

The new expanded space positions Adelaida Cellars as a potential venue for conferences and meetings in its subterranean Barrel Room, holding up to 200 guests with full audiovisual equipment available. The winery will also host a limited number of weddings each year. Furthermore, Adelaida plans to expand upon its popular educational seminars, winemaker dinners and event offerings.

“With views of the estate, several tasting areas and event spaces, the new hospitality center really allows guests to immerse themselves in Adelaida Cellars,” said general manager Jessica Kolhoff. “We couldn’t be happier to pour our wines in this beautiful building.”

The Grand Opening weekend celebration kicks off on Friday, May 6 with a five-course winemaker dinner featuring chef Dakota Weiss, winemaker Jeremy Weintraub and music by Churo de ouro. Upon arrival, guests will tour the new tasting room for wine and appetizers before descending to the Barrel Room. Each course will be perfectly paired with the current Adelaida wines which feature the newly designed label. Tickets are on sale and available by calling 800-676-1232 ext. 30 or events@adelaida.com. On Saturday and Sunday, May 7 - 8, join the Adelaida team for appetizers prepared by Chef Dakota, live music and tours of the new facility.

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Adelaida Team
February 10, 2016 | Adelaida Team

Adelaida Gets a Facelift


For those of you who have been fans of Adelaida for the past several years, or perhaps have older Adelaida wines in your cellar, you may have noticed that our label has had different “faces” throughout time.  Preceding the faces, or the very existence of Adelaida wine, there was the thriving town of Adelaida, the HMR Vineyard, and the Van Steenwyk family who spent summers on Hilltop Ranch (the walnut ranch where the winery now exists).

Last year, as we approached the 35th anniversary of the Adelaida brand and celebrated the new Adelaida District AVA, we started to reflect on our history, our story, and our future. We realized that although the faces are a part of Adelaida’s past, they do not represent who we are today, our rich history, the beauty of our land, and our amazing family ownership.                              

So here we are, one year after inception, sharing our new labels with you. Our primary Adelaida label shows a pencil sketch of the Adelaida District, the exact view that you see from our hilltop view, (at 2200’ it is one of the highest points of elevation in the Paso Robles AVA). The sketch speaks to the diversity of our land and its unique beauty - rolling vineyards and walnut orchards with a backdrop of the Santa Lucia Mountain Range

The HMR label celebrates the history of our HMR Estate Vineyard. The traditional Burgundian packaging pays tribute to the wines produced from this historic vineyard. Pinot Noir was the first varietal planted on this vineyard in 1964 (oldest producing Pinot Noir on the Central Coast of California) and Chardonnay followed in the early 1970s.  Moving forward, this label will be seen on our Burgundian family of wines from the HMR Vineyard.

The Signature Series label, which represents our best barrel selections and small lot wines, speaks to our family ownership and honors our owner/author Elizabeth Van Steenwyk. The simple, left justified text on the label reads like a page in a book. Elizabeth’s beautiful signature is just beneath the text with her “A is for Adelaida” stamp of approval.

“The new label tells the story of Adelaida. Like a short story that takes you beyond the surface, it honors this special place and its rich history, yet shows anticipation for new beginnings,” said Van Steenwyk.
We invite you to watch The Story of Adelaida, a newly released video, which personifies the history, the land and our estate wines. The video honors generations past while celebrating the dedication of the people who help grow and make the wines. 

We are extremely excited to launch our new labels and look forward to telling you more about them as you visit our new Hospitality Center!



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Adelaida Team
January 29, 2016 | Adelaida Team

The Mike Behind Michael's Vineyard




Ranch Manager Emeritus
Michael Whitener 


Mike remembers the day in 2001 when he and Adelaida owner Don Van Steenwyk were driving on the HMR ranch and Don asked, “What would you plant on this hill?”  Mike answered “a dry farmed vineyard”. It was then that Adelaida Cellars chose to plant dry farmed Zinfandel on what is now Michael’s Vineyard.
Mike Whitener was born and raised near Peachy Canyon Road in Paso Robles, now part of the Adelaida District of the Paso Robles AVA. His family has been in the area since 1890.  Mike is a “true local” in every since of the term.

Growing up running through the hills fishing, hunting and caring for the family’s walnut and almond orchards, Mike developed a strong love and respect for the land.  In the early ‘60s, Doctor Stanley Hoffman purchased what is now known as the HMR Ranch.  Mike’s dad, Johnny, worked for Doctor Hoffman and helped to plant the first HMR Pinot Noir grapes 50+ years ago.  As a young man, Mike worked the Hoffman Ranch alongside his dad. Mike grew to love the vineyards and the “smell of dirt”. While everyone loves the vines and grapes that make the great wine Adelaida is known for today, it’s the dirt Mike values more than anything.

In 2002 Mike incurred a spinal cord injury. This did not stop Mike from doing what he loves to do; working on and managing the Adelaida ranches. With great encouragement from the Van Steenwyks and his own family, this is what Mike still does today.
Next time you visit Adelaida, look for the guy driving through the vineyards and walnut orchards wearing a cowboy hat and a great big smile – he’d love to say hello to you!

It is with deep gratitude and respect we raise our glasses to you, Mike Whitener (zinfandel, of course!).  Cheers!



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Jeremy Weintraub- Winemaker
January 22, 2016 | Jeremy Weintraub- Winemaker

El Niño Update from Winemaker Jeremy Weintraub

The first very wet winter in four years is upon us! This year’s El Niño, caused by elevated surface water temperatures in the South Pacific, is expected to bring about heavy rains and cooler nights. El Niño rains promise a limited replenishment to our water-starved soils…..if we can keep the water from running away! Fortunately, the rains that we’ve had so far have been wonderfully easy, with a handful of daily accumulations totaling not more than 0.9 inches. Since July 1, 2015 we’ve recorded 8.3”, over 2" more than this time last year! What does this mean for the vineyards? Those frequent, light rains allow the soil to slowly absorb the water, which, over time, help to flush out the salts that have accumulated from the prolonged drought.  Our concern over heavy downpours at Adelaida is that the steep slopes will simply allow the water to run off, carrying with it our valuable topsoil. To combat this possibility, just before the first rains began to fall we planted lots of peas, beans, white and yellow mustard, daikon radish, and triticale to build up the biomass of our soils. Right now, the vineyards look beautiful with lots of greens and colors, and we know that we’ve done as much as we can to work in stride with Mother Nature.


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Adelaida Team
December 15, 2015 | Adelaida Team

We have a secret... Santa Claus is an Adelaida Wine Club Member

Holiday spirit is in the air and one of our very own Wine Club Members has been spreading cheer for over 30 years throughout California. Meet Santa Bob. Here is his story, in his own words.

My Santa career began with my first grandchild’s birth in 1984. Christmas came and I bought a really cheap Santa suit. One could almost see through it. As I held her in my arms she looked up at me and gave me a smile that brought tears to my eyes. How could a four-month-old child know Santa? My son-in-law suggested that I pursue this. After the following Christmas as Santa, I bought some material and asked my daughter if she would make me a Santa suit. That’s how it all began.
You will find me at the South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. This is my 15th season with them, listening to the wishes of children for what they hope to find under their Christmas trees.
Each year on the first Saturday in December I work at the Mission Viejo Lake in Mission Viejo, CA. I’m taken to the security dock where I board the security speed boat and head for the beach part of the lake to meet several hundred kids and families. I’m there taking photos with them until the last child has had a turn talking with Santa. I’ve been doing house parties and company parties since 1987. 
Now retired, my wife and I are cross-country motorcycle riders. I ride my Harley to the Vietnam Memorial War for the Memorial Day Weekend. Usually there are more than 2500 riders. We begin in Rancho Cucamonga and end in Arlington, VA. We’ve ridden through most of the country spreading holiday cheer.  
Happy Holidays!

Santa Bob



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Adelaida Team
November 17, 2015 | Adelaida Team

Adelaida's Gone Nuts

Adelaida Cellars
Adelaida Cellars
Adelaida Cellars
All of our fruit may be picked, pressed and barreled down, but walnut harvest is just beginning at Adelaida Cellars. The Van Steenwyk family became involved with the Adelaida District of Paso Robles in the late 1970s when they purchased the Hill Top Ranch as an agricultural investment. Managed with sustainable farming practices, the dry farmed orchards are planted to five different varieties of English walnuts, all grafted to black walnut rootstock. Why English walnuts instead of black? The black walnut was in fact part of many native American diets but most of the walnuts we eat today are actually English walnuts, which have a milder taste and broader appeal. They also have thinner, easier-to-crack shells. Black walnuts on the other hand have a bolder, earthier flavor. Their shells are thick, tough to crack, and will likely stain your hands. Grown our mountainous terrain, all of our walnuts are hand harvested after being shaken to the ground. They are then transported offsite to be hulled and dried. While a majority of our walnuts are sold to Crain Walnut Shelling, Inc. for distribution, we make sure we have a few 100 lbs available here at the source for our Adelaida guests. Just in time for the holiday season, they are an excellent addition to your favorite recipes. Ask for a sample the next time you are in our Tasting Room!
Walnut and Apple Herb Stuffing
Pair with Adelaida Pinot Noir 2013
• 1/3 cup butter
• 3 onions, medium chopped
• 3 celery stalks, chopped
• 12 cups bread, cubed
• 2 apples, tart, peeled, cored and chopped
• 1 1/2 cups Adelaida walnut pieces
• 1/2 cup parsley, fresh, chopped
• 1/2 cup sage
• 1/2 cup rosemary
• 1/2 cup thyme
• 3/4 to 1 1/2 cups chicken stock
• salt and pepper, to taste
stuffing recipe

• In a nonstick skillet over medium heat, melt butter. Add onions and celery; cook 5 minutes or until soft.
• In a large bowl, mix bread, onion mixture, apples and walnuts. Add parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Mix in enough chicken stock to moisten bread. Season with salt and pepper.
• Loosely fill turkey cavity and follow cooking instructions for the weight of the bird; or make single servings by baking at 375° in small well buttered oven-proof ramekins for 25 minutes or until heated through and brown on top.
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Adelaida Team
November 1, 2015 | Adelaida Team

Adelaida's Recent Wine Scores


A wine score is the quickest, simplest way for a wine critic to communicate their opinion about the quality of a wine. Here are our latest:


Vinous. Antonio Galloni -  September 2015
"Jeremy Weintraub is the newly installed winemaker at Adelaida, a winery that has been a consistent performer over the last decade..."  Josh Raynolds.

2013chard 2
Chardonnay HMR Vineyard 2013
90 points.
Light gold. Musky pear skin, Meyer lemon and toasted bread on the fragrant nose. Chewy orchard and pit fruit flavors become more energetic as the wine opens up and pick up a hint of tarragon. Finishes with firm grip, an echo of juicy citrus fruits and very good persistence.
viog1 2

Viognier Anna's Vineyard 2013
90 points.

Pale, green-tinged gold. Potent, mineral-tinged aromas of fresh citrus and orchard fruits, honeysuckle and ginger. Smooth and expansive on the palate, offering juicy melon and tangerine flavors and a refreshingly bitter touch of pear skin. Expands and deepens nicely on the lingering fruity finish.

12-Viking Syrah

Syrah Viking Vineyard Reserve 2012
91 points.

Inky purple. Smoke- and spice-accented aromas of blackcurrant, menthol and licorice. Spicy, fleshy, deeply pitched dark berry and floral pastille flavors are lifted by a peppery note, with a floral pastille nuance building on the back half. The long fruit-driven finish features smooth tannins and a candied licorice quality.

13 zin michaels photo shopped

Zinfandel Michael's Vineyard 2013
90 points

Glass-staining ruby. Fresh blueberry, boysenberry and mocha on the perfumed nose, with a floral topnote and a hint of black pepper. Gently sweet, sappy and concentrated, with dark fruit flavors complemented by peppery spices and anise. Finishes spicy and very long, with an echo of cracked pepper and chewy tannins that come in slowly.

Robert Parker
Wine Advocate. Robert Parker Jr.- August 2015 
"Located on the northwestern edge of Paso Robles, not far from Tablas Creek, Adelaida Cellars is a large, family owned estate that covers 168 acres. Made by Jeremy Weintraub, the wines are always classic Paso Robles in style and beautifully made." Jeb Dunnuck.

2013chard 3

Chardonnay HMR Vineyard 2013
90 points.

Coming from the Adelaida District in Paso, the 2013 Chardonnay HMR Vineyard is a ripe, well-made and thoroughly enjoyable Chardonnay that offers classic orchard fruits, brioche and spice in a medium to full-bodied, supple, forward and easy-drinking style. Aged 10 months in 26% new French oak (a small part was in stainless, with the balance in neutral oak), drink it anytime over the coming 2-3 years.

version white 2013

Version White Anna's Vineyard 2013
90 points.

Paso's take on a Rhone blend, Adelaida's 2013 Version White is a terrific blend of 42% Roussanne, 42% Viognier and 16% Grenache Blanc that spent 10 months on lees in 37% new French oak. It gives up beautiful richness in its white peach, toasted spice, white flowers and brioche-scented bouquet. This gives way to a medium to full-bodied, ripe, textured white that has loads of fruit without ever seeming heavy or cumbersome. Drink it over the coming 2-3 years.

12-Viking Syrah 2

Syrah Viking Vineyard Reserve 2012
91 points.

An outstanding Syrah that comes from the calcareous shale soils of their estate vineyard, the 2012 Syrah Viking Vineyard has lots of spice and cedar qualities in its blackcurrant, pepper and menthol-scented bouquet. Full-bodied, pure, layered and nicely focused, it should have a decade of overall longevity. Jeremy aged this 20 months in 67% new French oak. It's a classic Paso Robles Syrah that has both textural richness and elegance.




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Tony Hermann- Resident Wine Educator

Harvest at Adelaida


Once a year we pick grapes.  We call it the harvest.  In France it’s the “vendange”, in Italy it’s the “vendemmia”.  Every year it’s different, every year it’s the same.  The vagaries of weather, rain, drought, hot , cold, wind, hours of sunlight, all change every year.  Yet, there’s a sense of repetition, going through the motions.  It’s Fall and we’re picking grapes again.  Our intrepid crew, armed with pruning shears trudges through the vineyard rows in the darkened early morning hours, lights ablaze and snip, snip, snip, pick off the small compact clusters from our chalk-rock challenged vines.  By daybreak yellow picking bins brimming with ripe grapes arrive at the winery and the process continues: hand sorting, destemming, optical sorting of individual berries (1st time this year), and onto tank, yeast innoculation and ultimately finished wines to barrel.

2015 was different in many ways.  4th year of drought, early bud break (vines awaken from dormancy, the beginning of growth), cold snap in May during bloom (which interrupted the delicate flowering phase, greatly reducing yields), earliest harvest on record, small berries (more solids than juice, a great omen for wines of density and full flavor), a 1st time purchase of Napa Cabernet Sauvignon from a famous vineyard (to make up for the shortfall of our own reduced crop).  This year’s experience reflects the unique micro-climates of our estate mountain vineyards.  Bottom line, to be a winemaker you’ve got to love 2 months of sleep deprived babysitting fermenting grapes, stained hands, washing 1000 chemistry beakers, and in general getting down and dirty.  Most of us are better off pulling corks and enjoying the fruits of their labor.


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Adelaida Team
September 16, 2015 | Adelaida Team

Adelaida Cellars is now a Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing Winery & Vineyard

Although Adelaida’s vineyards were certified as sustainable in the past, now both the vineyards and winery have been certified. In order to achieve certification, Adelaida has met all of the program’s 82 prerequisites (50 Vineyard Best Practice criteria and 32 Winery Best Practice criteria). These prerequisites include various factors from crush operations at the winery to soil nutrient monitoring in the vineyard. In addition, Adelaida has demonstrated a commitment to sustainability when it comes to both winegrowing and winemaking. This is evident in our approach to water conservation, clean energy, habitat preservation, and sustainable farming. By accomplishing these goals and creating a plan of action to continue improving, Adelaida Cellars has earned the distinction of being a Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing Winery & Vineyard.
Over the years, Adelaida has implemented many practices that support our commitment to sustainability. In 2007, we installed a 113 kilowatt solar array. With the system in place, Adelaida is able to meet, on average, 85% of its own power needs with solar. Along with major strides in energy efficiency, Adelaida is also extremely water conscious, practicing either dry-farming or deficit irrigation throughout our vineyard acreage. We also use pressurized hoses to conserve water usage in the winery and recycle all grey water amongst the property. These steps, coupled with Winemaker Jeremy Weintraub’s vineyard-driven winemaking philosophy, continue to distinguish Adelaida as a winery and a vineyard that sets industry standards for excellence and sustainability.

Solar 2
Sheep 2
retention pond


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Jeremy Weintraub- Winemaker
September 1, 2015 | Jeremy Weintraub- Winemaker

Harvest 2015 is in Full Swing!



IMG_3705 wine 2 sampling
IMG_4003 grapes 3 2 IMG_3891 2

Full Press: Harvest 2015

August 14th marked the first official day of harvest, and as is tradition here at Adelaida Cellars, we toasted to the season with 1984 Adelaida bubbly! An early budbreak coupled with a light cropload spurred an early start and an early end to the 2015 harvest. Our first pick was HMR Chardonnay in mid-August and our final pick was Viking Cabernet Sauvignon on the last day of September. With our commitment to dry-farming, we asked the vines to scavenge for water that had become increasingly scarce during the persistent drought. In July we had a highly unusual deluge that brought a second-wind to the vineyards just as they were entering the critical growth period where color, sugar and phenolics all assemble inside the berries. This hydration event sustained the optimal development of our clusters and led to a classic season. There were a few typical heat waves in September and the vines responded well, likely because they've become used to such conditions.
We’re very excited about the concentration of flavors and the high acid in the fruit and must, which promises delicious wines and liveliness. Many of the wines have already been barreled down, and Cabernet Sauvignon is continuing to ferment in oak and concrete tanks. We expect great wines from the 2015 vintage and can't wait to share them with you. Look for the 2015 whites in about a year and the 2015 reds in 2017.

Adelaida Toast



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Annette Dennigmann
August 3, 2015 | Annette Dennigmann

Meet the Ladies of Adelaida's Wine Club

Adelaida Cellars

Annette Dennigmann & Morgan Kavanaugh

Wine Club Manager, Annette Dennigmann, has been with Adelaida since November of 2008. From then on, working at Adelaida has become more than just a job. It was through her time at Adelaida that she met her husband and eventually they were even wed by a coworker! Annette has watched Adelaida's growth over the last seven years and is extremely grateful to have been a part of it. When asked what she loves most about her job she will always say, "The Club Members!”, reflecting on the great people she has met here at Adelaida and looking forward to meeting many more. When she is not busy shipping Adelaida wine all across the country, she enjoys time with her friends, family, and most of all, getting love from her grand babies.
Annette always strives to do her best when accommodating our Club Members and she has an amazing assistant who shares the same passion for customer service. Morgan Kavanaugh joined the Adelaida team in the Fall of 2013. As our Sales Coordinator she works closely with Annette and all things wine club. Whether managing orders or chatting with Club Members, Morgan is always ready with a smile. Having received her B.A. in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Barbara, Morgan has also taken an interest in our sustainability program and played an important roll in filing for our recent certification through the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance. When not at work, Morgan loves exploring the outdoors and enjoying the wonderful wines of the Central Coast. 


Time Posted: Aug 3, 2015 at 10:41 AM
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