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Kasey Martin
March 13, 2017 | Kasey Martin

Tasting Notes from the 2017 Spring Custom Club Shipment

Each spring in fall, we release a new shipment for our Custom Club 2320 wine club members. Each shipment includes a variety of wines that showcases the seven distinct properties that make up the Adelaida Estate. The wine club then receives the opportunity to customize their shipment from among the set of 12 chosen wines listed below. 

Anna's White, Anna's Estate Vineyard 2015

  • Blend: Grenache Blanc 35%, Viognier 30%, Roussanne 26%, Picpoul Blanc 9%
  • Aromas: Honeysuckle, lemon meringue, baked apples, gingerbread
  • Flavors: Honeydew melon, lemon custard, ginger cookie, quince.
  • At its best now through 2019.

Anna's Red, Anna's Estate Vineyard 2013 

  • Blend: Grenache 37%, Mourvèdre 21%, Cinsaut 18%, Counoise 14%, Syrah 10%
  • Aromas: Strawberry and blackberry compote, herbs de Provence, and hazelnut liqueur
  • Flavors: Sautéed strawberries with allspice, light veal stock, sage, and thyme
  • Drink now through 2020.  

Cabernet Sauvignon, Viking Estate Vineyard 2014

  • Aromas: A mash-up of fresh cranberries and cherries, violets, graphite dust, chocolate shavings, cured tobacco leaf
  • Flavors: Cranberry skin, black currants, toast, cedar wood, fine grained dark chocolate
  • Drink through 2022

Anna's Red, Anna's Estate Vineyard 2014

  • Blend: Cinsaut 29%, Mourvedre 25%, Counoise 22%, Petite Sirah 11%, Grenache 8%, Syrah 5%
  • Aromas: Plum and blackberry conserves, roasting meat juices, wild thyme, wet earth.
  • Flavors: Dried cranberries, beef jerky, herbs-de-Provence, North African spice blend
  • Drink now through 2020.  

Zinfandel, Michael's Estate Vineyard 2015

  • Aromas: Briar patch, fresh picked raspberries, Grandfather’s pipe tobacco, pink peppercorns
  • Flavors: Wild mountain berries, sweet/tart lingonberries, mocha, brown spices, peppercorn dust
  • Drink now through 2020

Anna's Red Signature, Anna's Estate Vineyard 2014 - $50.00

  • Blend: Mourvèdre 39%, Syrah 33%, Grenache 26%, Petite Sirah 2%.
  • Aroma: Black forest fruits with notes of underbrush and wild herbs
  • Flavor: Savory game infused blackberry reduction with herbs de Provence
  • Notes: Drink now through 2020.  

Chardonnay, HMR Estate Vineyard 2015

  • Aroma: Lemon zest, ripe melon, fresh baked bread, crushed seashells
  • Flavor: Lemon meringue, honeydew melon, brioche-croissant breakfast breads, sea spray
  • Drink now through 2020.

Pinot Noir, Doctor's Vineyard 2012

  • Aroma: crushed black cherries, rose petals, sandalwood incense, milk chocolate  
  • Flavor: silky textured cherry-raspberry-strawberry compote, baking spices, gingerbread  
  • “The Doctor’s” can be enjoyed now through 2018.   

Syrah, Anna's Estate Vineyard 2014

  • Aroma: Violets, bacon, fennel earthy with graphite
  • Flavor: Black plum and blueberry compote, roast beets, and Christmas spice
  • Notes: Drink now through 2020 

Zinfandel, Michael's Estate Vineyard 2014

  • Aroma: Black raspberry reduction, chaparral, clove, smoked meat
  • Flavor: Compote of black fruits, pink peppercorns, charcuterie
  • Drink now through 2019

Syrah Reserve, Anna's Estate Vineyard 2013 

  • Aromas: Fresh blueberry, juicy raspberry and dark blackberry 
  • Flavors: Rich on the palate, bright acidity with a hint of lingering oak, rosemary and baking spice coat the palate.
  • Drink now through 2023. 
  • Accolades: 92 Points -The Tasting Panel, Anthony Dias Blue.  92 Points - Connoisseurs Guide

Nebbiolo, Glenrose Vineyard 2011

  • Aroma: Cut roses on their 3rd day, cherry skin, tree bark, forest floor, tobacco leaf 
  • Flavor: Red licorice, rose hips, hibiscus tea, turned soil, macadam
  • Notes: Drink now through 2021.   

Muscat Dessert Wines, Bobcat Estate Vineyard

  • Aroma: honey, orange marmalade, peach blossoms, pressed flowers
  • Flavor: Unctuous, honeyed white peach, candied ginger
  • Notes: Drink now through 2021.  


Time Posted: Mar 13, 2017 at 11:31 AM
Jeremy Weintraub- Winemaker

Made in the Shade

Grapevines require a certain amount of heat to make grapes and a certain amount of sunlight to make sugar, and an excess of either degrades the potential quality. From 2012 through 2016, California experienced a number of climatic events—most notably consecutive years of drought and warming temperatures--that have prompted us to reconsider how we farm for high quality wine. One solution that we’ve come up with is the use of shadecloth to lower the temperature around the grape clusters and to decrease the potential for sunburn.

Shadecloth is simply a knitted fabric that blocks UVA and UVB light from penetrating the canopy while allowing a sufficient amount of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) to reach the leaf’s chlorophyll and other pigments. PAR, in short, is the light in the visible spectrum (400-700nm wavelength) that’s responsible for photosynthesis.

We began experimenting with black and green shadecloth in 2013 and since then we’ve covered over 90% of our vines. So far, the results are very promising. We’ve been able to harvest grapes later than we’d expected given the increasingly early budbreak with greater color, less sugar (lower potential alcohol) and far less desiccation.

This year, with the cooperation of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, we’re going to experiment with a white shadecloth to see if color makes a difference—how white or black shadecloth influences wine grape composition. Stay tuned.

Time Posted: Mar 6, 2017 at 3:39 PM
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