Tony Hermann- Resident Wine Educator
November 20, 2013 | Tony Hermann- Resident Wine Educator

Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrive at Adelaida Cellars!


Le Beaujolais Nouveau 2013 est arrivé at  Adelaida Cellars!

Adelaida Cellars, maker to the only Gamay Beaujolais Nouveau in Paso Robles, is keeping with the French tradition to release the first wine of the 2013 vintage on the 21st,  the third Thursday of November.    Beaujolais Nouveau is the first wine of harvest, drinkable a mere 7-8 weeks after grapes are picked and is a harbinger of the vintage quality.   Each year, Adelaida releases the Beaujolais on the third Thursday  with a celebratory dinner to follow on Saturday evening.

Nestled in the original HMR Vineyard, Adelaida’s  Gamay, is now in its 49th year.   True to the nouveau style, this Beaujolais uses a method called carbonic maceration, where grapes are fermented as whole intact berries in a sealed environment and without oxygen.   The yeast penetrates the grape skin and acts on the natural sugars in the interior of each grape, producing particularly juicy, exuberant fruity flavors.  This year’s vintage exceeds expectations with its focused, crisp-edged strawberry-blueberry notes.  Serve slightly chilled and pairs beautifully with Thanksgiving classics of roast turkey and cranberry.

With the Beaujolais release comes the vintage celebration on Saturday, November 23rd at Adelaida Cellars.  This year, Guest Chef Donald Wressell will be at the helm.   Chef Wressell is the Executive Chef for E. Guittard Chocolates and former Executive Pastry Chef for the Four Seasons, Beverly Hills.  He has invited Chef Sherry Yard of Spago fame.    He will be presenting his multi-course menu paired with the best of Adelaida wines along with the Beaujolais release.  Tickets are $100/ $80 for wine club.  6:00 PM -10:00 PM  and available at 805.239.8980.  For the menu visit


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a red wine produced using gamay grapes delivered in the beaujolais district of France. It is the most well known vin de primeur, aged for simply a couple of weeks before being discharged available to be purchased on the third Thursday of november. This beaujolais nouveau day used to see substantial advertising, with races to get the first jugs to diverse markets around the globe. The current discharge practice is to ship the wine in front of the third Thursday of november, and discharge it to the nearby markets

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