Michael's Estate Vineyard

Adelaida’s only dry farmed vineyard, Michael’s, planted in 2003, contains 18 acres of traditional head pruned, heritage Zinfandel clones sourced from the Paso Robles AVA. Covering a wave-like, undulating hilltop, the vineyard has varying elevations, from 1,580 to 1,735 feet. Dry land farming is a holistic practice with annual spring deep disking to turn the topsoil, followed by ring rolling to smooth the surface, compacting the dust mulch to seal in the available moisture. The site, selected for its base of top soil and minimal erosion, is appropriate for deep rooted vines. The installation utilized bud wood sourced from 110 and 80 year old vines which were grafted onto lime tolerant rootstock. Vines are spaced 11 x 11 feet in a diamond configuration, 360 vines/acre. Low yields are the norm, around 1 ton/acre. At 14 miles from the Pacific Ocean, the vineyard has ideal exposure to the natural arc of the summer sun, and benefits from the dramatic diurnal temperature cool down of 40-50 degrees from the daytime highs. 

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