Winemaking Philosophy

Wines made from these sites are expressions of their unique ‘terroir’ and show our vineyard’s special sense-of-place.

Adelaida’s winemaking philosophy begins in the vineyard. The estate has seven vineyards that span across distinct areas of mountainous terrain characterized by chalk-rock limestone soils, afternoon blasts of cool coastal air, and a daily 40 to 50 degree temperature swing. These unique and varied locations led to specifically designated grape varietals. By taking advantage of the unique soil, elevation, and microclimates on the property, Adelaida maximizes fruit quality. 

“Our vineyards are some of the most dramatically beautiful in the world, and my goal is to ensure that the wines we produce reflect this distinction—both through our farming practices and through the winemaking.”
–Jeremy Weintraub, Winemaker–

Winemaking at Adelaida Winemaking at Adelaida

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