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Touriga Nacional 2012
Bobcat Estate Vineyard
Loved by Sommeliers
 Case of 12

Touriga 100%


And now for something completely different....if you want to be the first on the block to impress the neighbors with that knowing sommelier glint in your eye? Then cast off the chains of conventionality and streak through the back garden with a bottle of violet Touriga, baby. 

A key and primary grape traditionally used to make fortified Port, as we do with The Don, this is only our second release as a dry red wine. Touriga Nacional is loved by sommeliers throughout the country for its wild and free bad self. Crazily aromatic: violets and pine juice, bay laurel and sage. Check it out…try one and see what you think. The somm appeal is because the wine has such distinctive personality, juicy acidity that keeps hitting the refresh button with food as opposed to being dulled down flavor-wise. Low alcohol, 12.9%, so you can drink more than a thimble full without needing a nap. Touriga is an all around authentic wine having old world lineage and provenance. Give it a whirl, you only live once.  Drink now for fun.                         

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